Is It Safe to Give My Dog CBD?

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Get the facts about CBD supplements for dogs

Get the facts about CBD supplements for dogs

It seems like there is a lot of information available on the use of CBD oil to treat pet ailments. Now there is a new organization, the CBD Awareness Project that is dedicated to providing accurate information about hemp-derived products to the public.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It can be supplied as CBD oil with only CBD as the active ingredient. That means no psychoactivity as there is no THC. CBD oil has found to have some beneficial effects in humans, such as pain relief. There are also studies that show promising results for using CBD supplements to manage a dog’s anxiety, pain and seizures.

The CBD Awareness Project has a great free resource to help dog owners understand which products are most likely to be pet-safe - A Dog Owner’s Guide to CBD. They created this guide to educate pet owners about the safety and legality of products on the market.

As stated in the guide, “CBD is legal in all 50 states, but the research around its effects on dogs is still developing. However, a growing number of veterinarians are recommending it to their clients. While the research is not yet definitive, many believe CBD offers several therapeutic benefits to dogs.”

Learn about the potential benefits of CBD supplements in dogs and how to be sure that the CBD products you find will be safe for your dog.

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