How to Solve The Pet Hair Problem

Living with PetsJanet BreyComment

if you’re like most pet owners you know that keeping up with pet hair can be a daunting challenge. Recently I discovered a solution.

It all started when I had to travel for my job. My husband was faced with keeping the house clean for himself and our two dogs. He quickly realized that if he vacuumed on Monday, by Tuesday, dog hair was everywhere once again.

Every day he would come home from work, tired and hungry, and realize he would have to vacuum. As you can imagine, this quickly became a bone of contention (no pun intended). When his birthday came around, I bought him a robotic vacuum. You might think that’s a really crummy present, however, it solved the problem. In fact, we were so thrilled with the results that we bought a second one!

Robotic vacuums have been around for awhile. iRobot introduced the Roomba in 2002. Since that time, many manufacturers have entered the market. did a pretty impressive review and found that you can get a well-functioning robovac for around $300. I bought a Deebot and Fonzo which sell for around $200. After reading their review, I may upgrade next time to the Roomba.

For me, it is a big time saver. I get up in the morning and turn one on for 30 minutes while I get ready for work. At 3 pm, I have a second robovac downstairs that is on a timer.  It runs every day at 3 pm for 30 minutes. The dogs are fine with it and usually move when they see it coming. If not, it redirects when it hits a leg.  When we come home in the evening, the rooms are free of dog hair, leaves and dust. Ahhhhh. Occasionally, it will get stuck on the edge of a rug but that is rare (if it can’t dislodge, it just shuts off).

I never thought that it would do as good a job as it does. Now, I do not know how I would live without it.  If you want to read up on robotic vacuums, check out They did some impressive research. Check it out here: