When the Pet Hair Flies, What Vac is Best?

Janet BreyComment

      Spring time means shedding time with lots of dog hair aournd the house. Image from Flickr by Chris Leung

My vacuum is on its last wheels so thinking it is time to find a new one. With Spring around the corner, and two dogs who shed, pet hair pick up is a consideration. Recently I read an article on VetStreet about three vacuums that were evaluated on pet hair pick up. Here is the link. If you are short on time, I have provided a summary and added the Amazon ratings.

Dyson -  V6 Motorhead

Cost: $399 Weight 3.96 lbs.  Amazon: No Reviews (yet)

  • About: Cordless, bag-less, with a direct drive motor in the cleaning head. Run time 20 minutes but if on max, 6 minutes.  
  • Positives: easy to empty, picked up fur, dirt and kitty litter with ease, lightweight, flat enough to go under furniture (where the fur hides)
  • Not so positives: bin fills fast, price is high  

Panosonic JetForce MC-UL429

Cost: $150 Weight: 15 lbs.  Amazon: 2 out of 5 Stars (4 reviews)

  • About: Retractable 24 ft cord, PetGlide brush attachment.   
  • Positives: easy to empty, good size bin, very easy to empty, price, pet hair tool makes easy fur removal on furniture.
  • No so positives: bulky size, weight

Bissel Bolt IOn  

Cost: $179.99 Weight: 5.6  Amazon: 4 out of 5 Stars (72 reviews)

  • About – Not as powerful as Panasonic and Dyson. Runtime 20 minutes
  • Positives: price, easy to use, gets up dirt and fur on floors and low pile
  • No so positives: less effective on high pile carpets, need to remove filter to clean the bin

Based on the information presented, I will consider the Bissel. I do not want to spend $400 and do not have any high pile carpets. So it just may do the trick. I also like cordless vacs and something that does not take up too much room in the closet.

Do you have a recommendation for a good pet hair vacuum? Please share and let us know. Remember that clean pet homes and beds are healthy for everyone.