Marvelous Mutts are Amazing

Janet BreyComment
Here is one of The Marvelous Mutts performing at the SuperPetExpo.

Here is one of The Marvelous Mutts performing at the SuperPetExpo.

Attended the SuperPetExpo last weekend in Edison NJ. Lots of people and lots of pets turned out for the show.

One of my favorite events at the show was The Marvelous Mutts.  This is promoted as a canine spectacular of dog entertainment.   Agility, dock diving and canine disc are the featured sports. Although the dogs, stunts and show were terrific, the best part is the story behind The Marvelous Mutts.  

All of The Marvelous Mutts are adopted from shelters and rescues.  Since 2007, this amazing group has been wow-ing audiences around the world. Not only is the show entertaining and fun, but provides a wonderful way to show people the potential of shelter dogs.  They totally rock! 

Here are 10 reasons why anyone should adopt from a shelter or dog rescue:

  1. You save a life.
  2. You save money.
  3. You get a healthy pet.
  4. You feel good.
  5. You make room for another pet who needs shelter.
  6. You reduce the pet population.
  7. You make a stand against puppy mills.
  8. You support a good organization. 
  9. You have less chance with a mixed breed (vs pure breeds) of hereditary illnesses.
  10. You give a pet a second chance for a loving home.

PawSheets donates pet bed covers to shelters. If you have a shelter that you work at or know of, please contact PawSheets.  

Please adopt your next pet and encourage your friends to do the same.